Values Education

The following values are the common values to be taught within Australian school communities and are taught at Prescott College Southern.   These values are consistent with Australia’s democratic traditions including beliefs in equality, freedom and the rule of law, and our overall commitment to a multicultural society where all are entitled to justice and a fair go.

The Values are:

  1. Tolerance and Understanding – accepting other people’s differences and being aware of others.
  2. Respect – treating others with consideration and regard
  3. Responsibility – personal, social, civic and environmental – being accountable for and in charge of a course of action. Includes
    1. responsibility for one’s own actions, including the exercise of self-discipline
    2. responsibility for the way in which one interacts and cooperates with others especially for resolving differences in constructive, non-violent and peaceful ways
    3. responsibility for one’s role in and contribution to society
    4. responsibility for one own role in the maintenance and preservation of the environment
  4. Social Justice – being committed to the pursuit and protection of the common good where all persons are entitled to legal, social and economic fair treatment.
  5. Excellence – seeking to accomplish something noteworthy and admirable individually and collectively, and performing at one’s best.
  6. Care – caring for self and showing interest in concern and care for others
  7. Inclusion and Trust – being included and including others, listening to one another’s thoughts and feelings and creating a community of mutual confidence.
  8. Honesty – Being truthful and sincere, committed to the finding and expressing the truth, requiring the truth from others and ensuring consistency between words and actions.
  9. Freedom – enjoying the rights and privileges of citizenship free from unnecessary interference or control, and standing up for the rights of others, ensuring a balance between rights and responsibilities.
  10. Being Ethical – acting in accordance with generally agreed rules and/or standards for right conduct or practice.