Upper Primary Leadership

Prescott College Southern values encouraging leadership in all students at the school. The Student Representative Council has promoted the student voice by meeting weekly to discuss whole school issues, fund raise and provide special interest lunch time activities. These include: Student led – Art Club, Umpiring games and Library Games.

Leadership training has been provided specifically to year 6 students through Peer Mediation training and Youth Leaders Program. Skills taught through these programs include: conflict resolution, habits of the mind, responsibilities team skills and effective communication skills. The initiative inspires students to stand up and recognise their role as head of the primary school as mentors to the younger students. Each year, at least two groups of eight, year 6 students are involved in whole day leadership training where they meet a range of inspiring young leaders. These include the Halogen National Leadership day and Young Leaders Day.

In term 4, the highlight is the student led business stalls for ADRA. Students work in small groups and take total business management for the running of the stall. This includes: planning, collecting and making items for sale and running the stall on the day. This real life venture gives them a great opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial talents. We never cease to be amazed at their innovation and creativity when provided with such challenges. SRC likes to run stalls and organise special events to raise money for charities as part of their outreach programs.

These leadership programs recognise the importance of students feeling valued and engaged in the their school and wider community.