STEM Projects is an after school club for students with a passion for science and/or technology. Participants range from Years 7 through to 12.

For year 7/8 students interested in science we offer the SPECTRA science awards. These awards allow students to follow their passions – studying everything from chemicals to bugs to flight to astronomy – about 20 different study areas in total.

No previous experience is required other than a joy for science.

Meanwhile, students from Years 9 – 12 will work on their own science projects as part of the CREST science award scheme run by the CSIRO. As part of this scheme students can complete bronze, then silver, then gold awards.

Students in Year 12 could complete a gold award at the same time as they complete their Year 12 Research Investigation. At each step of the process we will help coach and resource students involved in STEM projects.

Students interested in technology, robotics and electrical engineering are encourage to use the College’s technology space. Students seen in this space may be working on small electronic projects, improving soldering skills, working with printed circuit boards, building functional PCs, working on coding modules, rendering and 3D printing their own design projects, implementing the design process for any number of projects and of course working in teams throughout the year in annual 3D rendering and robotics competitions.