Vision Mission and Values

Vision Statement

To know, experience and share our hope in Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Prescott College Southern is to promote a relationship between each student and Jesus Christ and to facilitate excellent achievement in a caring environment.

Values Statement

Prescott College Southern believes that each student is a child of God, unique and of immeasurable value. We recognise the importance of systematic development of the whole person. Students are taught to accept the concept of service as a principle of life; to be sensitive to the needs of people; and to become contributing members in their home and community.


The school experience is designed to promote in children:


  1. A continuing relationship with Christ as their personal Saviour and Friend.
  2. A Christian attitude in word and action.
  3. Openness in sharing their personal Christian experience.


  1. An understanding of God as an integral part of all learning.
  2. An ability to apply the principles of Christianity in the study of all Key Learning Areas.
  3. An enthusiasm for learning.
  4. The development of the skills of literacy and numeracy.
  5. The ability to be imaginative and creative.
  6. A willingness to evaluate their ideas and learning.
  7. An awareness, appreciation and involvement in various forms of art and culture.
  8. A willingness to strive for excellence.


  1. Behaviour that displays concern and care for others.
  2. An ability and disposition to behave cooperatively.
  3. A sense of identity, achievement and worth.
  4. Valuing the school and a sense of pride in it.


  1. An appreciation of their responsibility to God, themselves and to others in caring for their bodies.
  2. The development of skills that will help each child to develop appropriate levels of fitness.