School History

Prescott College Southern was first established as Noarlunga Districts Adventist Primary School in 1977.  Mr Brian Faull was the first Principal of the school and Miss Virginia Firmstone was the junior primary teacher. There were 42 students enrolled at the school.   Mrs Jean Smith was the first school secretary.  Over the next ten years, the school had a further three principals; Mr Ewan Brown, Mr Jim Carter and Mr Brian Oemcke.  It remained as a two-teacher school with enrolments being primarily made up of children from the local SDA church.

In 1990 the school name was changed to Prescott Primary Southern and Mrs Christine Clark was appointed as principal.  A focus was developed in providing a differentiated curriculum where all students were able to be taught at their ability level.  Students were enrolled from the local community.  The years 1997 and 1998 saw significant growth with four new classes being added within those years.  As a result of the significant growth, a ceiling of 175 students was set in 1998.  The school accessed a range of grants to provide the facilities needed for the increased enrolments.

The ceiling of 175 students remained from 1998 till 2007, when consideration was given to the possibility of a high school and the need to increase the size of the primary school base if this were to become a reality.

In 2012, we welcomed the addition of the middle school students as we migrated towards becoming an R-12 school and changed our name to Prescott College Southern. Our first Year 12 graduation took place in 2016.

Our current enrolment is approximately 800 students.

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