Principal’s Message

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Prescott College Southern provides a warm, caring, learning community where students are challenged to achieve to their maximum potential.  Students are provided with a strong academic program with dedicated teachers  supporting each student to achieve their personal best. Significant adults make an impact on the lives of students, and the group of staff at Prescott work hard to provide the leadership, support, and friendship to help students become the best they can be within our school program.

Our goal is to celebrate the individual abilities of each student and help them to value themselves as a person who can achieve much for the good of society.  At times, due to us being an educational institution, we can be tempted to focus only on academic achievement, but academics, while important, is only a part of the journey for a student. The values adopted by the students provide a guidebook for them as individuals as they recognise their responsibility to leave a positive legacy and make the world a better place. We provide a pastoral care program that focuses on the well-being of the whole student and supports them in adopting values that will prepare them for life beyond school.  Service activities, locally and internationally, provide students with the opportunity to put into action the values that have been instilled in them through the Prescott experience.

Prescott College Southern  is a Christian school that offers students the opportunity to learn of Jesus Christ, as well as acknowledging and welcoming students who come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

To experience what Prescott College Southern offers, please contact the College to organise a tour. I look forward to sharing with you what the school can provide your child.

Christine Clark