Prescott Southern Priorities

Differentiated Curriculum

Prescott College Southern staff recognise the individuality of a child’s learning needs and offer a program designed to maximise their potential in all areas of learning.  Children are placed on levels of work based on achievement outcomes rather than chronological age resulting in satisfaction and challenge being an integral part of the child’s learning program.  Children at an early age see themselves as individuals in their learning and are usually willing to be placed at appropriate levels for themselves rather than being concerned about their peers.  The overall result is children feeling positive about their achievements in the academic areas.

Christian Education

Prescott College Southern is a Christian school. While the majority of the students who attend the school are not associated with a church, students are taught that Christianity is one perspective on life, and by attending Prescott they will understand the meaning of Christianity. The teachers are dedicated to encouraging students to develop a love for God, acceptance of other people, and a healthy sense of self.

Gifted and Talented Focus

Prescott College Southern caters for children in the Gifted and Talented Range.  The school acknowledges the unique needs of this group of learners and endeavours to provide an environment that maximises their learning through their school experience.  A differentiated Curriculum, accelerative options and contract learning enable these children to work at levels appropriate to their advanced development.  A wide range of electives is a part of the comprehensive curriculum, as this group of students requires the additional activities to maximise their learning potential.

Support is also provided for them at the socio-emotional level.  One on one counselling and group work assists the students in understanding themselves and relating to the wider community.  The children also enjoy the association with others of like ability enabling them to feel fulfilled in their social relationships as well.

The teaching of Values & Appropriate Social Behaviours

Prescott College Southern staff integrate the teaching of values into all subject areas, and encourage each student to adopt a positive lifestyle that shows care for the overall community and people they interact with on a daily basis. A strong emphasis is placed on cooperative behaviour and self-discipline on the part of students.

The School asks its students to follow four basic codes of conduct.

  • Everyone has the right to work and learn without being disrupted by others
  • Everyone has the right to be treated courteously and respectfully
  • Everyone has the right to work in a clean and safe environment
  • Everyone has the right to feel proud of his or her school

Students are taught the value of self-worth within a Christian context. The qualities of self-control, self-discipline, tolerance towards others and the acceptance of responsibilities for one’s own actions is promoted. Habits of courtesy, decorum, and graciousness are also strongly emphasised as being part of everyday life.