Fees Schedule

Annual Fees 2021

Tuition Fee
Reception to Year 7: $3973.00 per annum
Year 8-10: $5864.00 per annum
Year 11&12: $6308.00 per annum

Working Bee Levy: $66.00 per annum per family

Building Fund Levy: $100.00 per annum per child
I.T. Levy: $125.00 per annum per child

Excursions/Incursions: $70.00 per annum per child (R-6 only)

Text Book Hire: $92.00 per annum per child (Yr 7 – 12 only)

Swimming Rec -5 $55.00 per annum per child
Aquatics Yrs 6-9 $60.00 per annum per child (Term 1 enrolments only)
Camps (R-Gr7): Vary for each grade per annum per child (Term 1 enrolments only)
Camps (Gr8-12): Included in tuition fee per annum per child


The fees are structured to assist families, by offering discounts as listed. Please contact the school if you are unsure of your eligibility in any area.

Early Payment
A 5% Discount will be given if School Fees are paid in full for the year by week 2 of term 1, and a 3% discount given if School Fees are paid in full by week 2 of each term.

Sibling Discount
Discounts on tuition fees for children attending any Prescott School:
1 child full fee
2 children 15% discount for each child
3 children 30% discount for each child
4 children 40% discount for each child

School Card Discount
Families who qualify for “School Card” are eligible for a fee remission of 50%.

Prescott Fee Assistance/ Financial Capacity Discounts
The school will also receive applications from families who do not qualify for School Card but who otherwise cannot afford to enrol their children in the school. Fees are determined in consultation with the Principal prior to enrolment.