Health and Personal Development


Health and Personal Development


Students will have the opportunity to engage in a range of Sports throughout the year as part of this learning area. This will include practical activities on a weekly basis.

Health and Physical Education

 Health and physical education is concerned with helping students develop an understanding of themselves and how to make good decisions in regards to their personal health and fitness. There is a focus on the contribution of physical activity to growth and functioning as well as the establishment of a positive self-esteem and relationships. This Learning Area is organized around three strands

  • physical activity and participation
  • personal and social development
  • the health of individuals and communities

YEAR 9 Health and Personal Development

Course overview:

There is one double practical class, one single practical class and a single health class per week. Physical Education aims to facilitate the physical, mental, social and intellectual development of students.


In Years 9 and 10, students learn to apply more specialised movement skills and complex movement strategies and concepts in different movement environments. They also explore movement concepts and strategies to evaluate and refine their own and others’ movement performances. Students analyse how participation in physical activity and sport influence an individual’s identities and explore the role participation plays in shaping cultures. The curriculum also provides opportunities for students to refine and consolidate personal and social skills in demonstrating leadership, teamwork and collaboration in a range of physical activities.

This Australian Curriculum Learning Area is organised around two strands

  • Personal, social and community
  • Movement and physical activity