Year 7 and 8 Arts


 Students will gain a general overview of Music, basic reading of music and the use of musical instruments, tools and ICT processes. Basic performance and instrumental skills with an overview of Music within society will form part of this subject.


In this subject, students will develop basic skills of improvisation, vocal expression, mime and movement. The concept of characterization will be developed through the study of body language. Script devising and writing, as well as performance to a community group, will form part of this learning area.

Visual Arts

 Students will be introduced to the fundamental skills and processes of art making and be encouraged to express individuality in their projects. Appreciation of works of visual art, artists and various cultures will be explored.


Course overview:

Students choosing to enrol in Music must be prepared to participate in all practical sessions and work cooperatively with a wide range of students. All students must be prepared to perform their Group Performance to the class, other classes and at a school community event such as Music Showcase Evening and/or a Chapel Service. Students are required to attend and review a live performance each semester. Students not already learning an instrument or participating in the vocal ensemble are encouraged to take up instrumental tuition or participate in the vocal ensemble as this assists in developing performance skills and provides the necessary background for those  considering  future music studies.


Assessment: Creating and Making, Exploring and Responding. Students are assessed on writing tasks including theory and aural tests, music history and composition tasks. They are assessed on their performance and participation in workshops, solo and group performances.

In Year 9 Music can be taken as a semester subject.