Reception: In Art this year we have learnt about painting, sculpture making, and collage. We enjoyed making salt dough sculptures.

Year 1 and 2 have been learning many new and exciting skills in Art this year. We have learned more about colour and have explored primary colours, secondary colours, tones and tints through the medium of painting and the exploration of different artists’ works. Students have also explored art through the mediums of drawing, collage, and printmaking. Everyone agrees that the messier the art, the more fun it is to make. In Drama students have explored facial expressions, emotions and body movements and how all of these things can shape a character. Many of the students enjoyed developing their own characters and acting in small group role plays.

Year 3 & 4 have enjoyed making many different types of Art this year. The students have been involved in weaving, painting, drawing and collages (just to name a few). The teachers have loved seeing the creative side of our students and have been amazed at the excellent work produced. In Drama, students have shown their expressive side as they produced and acted

in improvised and scripted plays about all sorts of different topics. Some students embraced the theatrics and enjoyed the chance to let loose, while others were a bit shy and had to be encouraged out of their comfort zones. There were lots of laughs, and we all had a lot of fun.

Year 5 & 6: In The Arts this year we have got our hands dirty in a number of different activities. These included watercolours, gel pens, oil and chalk pastels, acrylic paint and other mediums. We have also stepped out of our comfort zones and engaged in a number of drama activities. We have learned how to emphasise voice, movement, tone and expression. While some of us took it seriously, others enjoyed having a laugh at themselves and embraced the lighthearted moments of our drama units this year.

There have been many highlights amongst all the learning and discovery in Visual Arts this year.

‘Storytime with Miss Davies’ became a weekly event with the Year 7s. Opening up their imaginations with embarrassing stories, students relaxed into High School Art. They developed a variety of art making skills in collage, perspective, collagraph’s, manga and mosaics.

A lot of construction took place during Semester 1 with the Year 8’s. They prepared written and oral proposals for installation art pieces that were later on display at the Secondary Arts Showcase night in Term 2. They developed these site-specific works based on the school’s theme ‘Keep it real, be the change.’ They continued to develop their construction skills to make a sculpture paper crane out of cane and tissue paper. In Semester 2 we studied stylisation, and Pop Art were we refined drawing and painting skills.

Year 9’s loved Art in Semester 1 so much that they asked Mr Ellis if they could do it again in Semester 2. Unfortunately by that time, it was too late, however, it still a good time enjoyed by all. We combined with the Japanese class and went to the Art Gallery of South Australia to look at a variety of Japanese artworks from woodblock prints to decorative wedding kimonos. The excursion was a great experience for the class as we were studying about famous Japanese woodblock printers such as Hiroshige and Hokusai at the time.

The Year 10’s have captured some ‘Tumblr worthy’ moments during their landscape painting unit. Despite making a record of the number of times the word ‘savage’ was said during a double lesson and arguments over the ‘sacking of their (in-class) therapist,’ they created three fantastic paintings. Using oil paints for the first time can be challenging for some, but these girls developed a love for it in the end. The introduction to the magic of using a dry-brush when painting also blow-their-minds.

The ‘magic’ started for the Year 11’s and 12’s as we went on an excursion to see the 2016 Adelaide Biennial. From here students were influenced and amazed by the fabulous array of artworks from photorealistic painting to wonky ceramic pots. There have been many memorable moments and interesting conversations with the senior art students that I will remember for a long time to come. Particularly around election time, politics and the debacle about the Liberal’s art budget was a hot topic in our lessons. Although at times, students were reminded about how challenging Stage 2 Art could be, I hope they have all found it rewarding. Students worked hard to create meaningful and purposeful practicals and products that they will hopefully hang in their parent’s houses for years to come. My last words to the 2016 Year 12 Art students is this: Don’t forget to steal like an artist. Never forget how to spell aesthetic. Have a step back and have a look (at everything in life). All painting is: is it the right colour, in the right place? The paper is always in the paper cupboard and that you should always wear an apron while painting.

The Arts Coordinator, Visual Arts teacher.