Wood Technology

YEAR 7 AND 8 Technology


Construction Technology (Manual Arts)

 Safe working methods and machine operating procedures are introduced with students gaining an understanding in using machines in a practical situation. Students will work with a range of technologies and materials including wood and plastics constructions.

Food/Textiles Technology

 Food Technology introduces students to a general insight into 3 major areas – Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles.

Food and Nutrition introduce students to nutrition and basic food handling and practical cookery skills. Clothing and textiles look at the basic skills in using the sewing machine and care of clothing and textiles.



Course overview:

Studies in Design and Technology provide students with the opportunities to develop technological capabilities through planning, developing and refining design concepts, selecting appropriate materials, carrying design through systems to completion and appraising the outcome. Year 9 Technology is designed to build on the skills that have been developed in previous years. In Technology students develop construction skills in the areas of Woodwork, Metalwork and Plastics using 3D printing. The focus of the unit is to introduce students to a range of equipment, machines and hand tools that assist  in the construction process. In Electronics students develop skills in circuits, machines and mechanics.


This Australian Curriculum Learning Area is organised around two strands

  • Design and Technologies Knowledge and Understanding
  • Design and Technologies Process and Production Skills


Assessment: All aspects of assessment focus on the completion of design briefs that include investigation, designing skills, analysing and evaluating processes, also the completion of a product that has been undertaken.


In Year 9 Design and Technology Wood can be taken either as a semester subject or for a full year while Plastics and Electronics can be taken as a semester subject.