English is embedded in all subjects across the curriculum and is therefore central to the learning and development of all our students. Confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and people capable of understanding issues that confront society are fundamental to our school. It helps them become ethical, considerate, informed, productive and active members of society. By studying English, students learn to understand, analyse, communicate and develop relationships. Literacy skills help students develop the knowledge and competence needed for education, training and the workplace. The Australian Curriculum: English plays an important role in developing the understanding, attitudes and capabilities that are important for students participating in education and the workforce in the 21st century.

English, at Prescott College Southern, also helps students engage imaginatively and critically with literature to broaden the scope of their experience by enriching their knowledge about the world, both past and present. Communications skills are vital in order for a young person to participate in the community. As our focus is towards service-orientated people, we endeavour to provide opportunities for students to work in groups and provide an array of genres for discussion in order to enrich each student’s worldview.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have contributed to Australian society, contemporary literature and literary heritage through their unique ways of representing and communicating knowledge, traditions and experience. We acknowledge this through the study of various texts. Asian links to Australia are identified through a variety texts by the exploration of neighbours near and far, and consideration of customs, beliefs, and respect of cultural diversity.