Extra- curricular Music


Prescott College Southern offers an outstanding extra-curricular program in Music. It is a program which engages and extends students beyond the classroom program through singing, playing and performing. There are many opportunities for performance which contributes to the development of a sense of personal accomplishment and self-esteem for students and also cultivates a positive school community.


Junior Choir


Students in Reception to Year 3 can participate in Junior Choir. Students are introduced to singing primarily in unison and and perform using simple choreography. Using a range of musical styles, students learn the importance of choral etiquette while developing their vocal diction and tone. The Junior Choir performs at The Primary Music Showcase and Junior Awards evenings.  Rehearsals for Junior Choir are held once a week during regular class hours for 45 mins.


Senior Choir


Students in Year 4-6 can participate in Senior Choir.  Extending on the skills taught in the junior years, the Senior Choir challenges students’ sense of pitch and harmony by learning to sing in 2 and sometimes 3 part harmony. The Senior Choir performs in a 200+ choir at The Festival of Music held at The Hopgood Theatre each year. This festival showcases a repertoire of 16 choral songs and is accompanied by a dance troupe and live orchestra. Prescott College Southern has participated in this event for several years and our students have regularly been selected to perform as vocal soloists.  Rehearsals for Senior Choir are held once a week during regular class hours for 45 mins.


Percussion Ensembles


There are two extension ensembles at Prescott College Southern. The primary percussion ensemble is for students in Years 5 and 6 and the secondary percussion ensemble is for students in Year 7-12.

Primary Ensemble


This ensemble is held once a week during regular class time for 45 min. Using a range of instruments, students explore more complex rhythms and melodies than that taught in class music lessons. The group focuses on African, Caribbean and Rock music styles. Students in this group perform at The Primary Music Showcase and Carols evening.  


Secondary Ensemble:


This ensemble is held at lunchtime once a week and open to all secondary students of all ability.  Students in this ensemble experiment with drumline music as well as rhythm ensemble pieces using traditional and non-conventional instruments. Performance opportunities include auditioning as guest artists for The Festival of Music and The Senior Music Showcase.


Group Instrumental programmes


At Prescott College Southern we offer two opportunities for students to learn an instrument which is subsidized by the school.


In Year 3, all students can enrol in ukulele lessons. Lessons occur once a week during class time for 45 mins. A ukulele is provided by the school for use during lessons but one may also be purchased for home use. Students learn to strum several songs using up to 8 chords and fingerpick simple melodies over the C major scale. Performance opportunities include The Primary Music Showcase and the Christmas Carols evening.


In Years 6-12, students can enrol in the string programme learning either the violin, violia, cello or double bass. The tuition for lessons is paid for by the school while the hire of each instrument remains the responsibility of participating students. Lessons are held each Wednesday after school from 3:30-4:15 pm.  Playing in a combined string ensemble, the performance opportunities for students taking these lessons include school chapel services, The Senior Music Showcase and the Prescott Music Recital evening.


Wakakirri National Festival


The Wakakirri National Festival is an opportunity for students who love drama, music and expressive movement.  Each year schools from all over the state create a story and dramatise it to music. In Term 3 all the schools present their finished pieces on a live stage at The Entertainment Centre. The Festival is National Competition.


In even years, Prescott College Southern enters a primary team for students in Years 4-6 and in odd years,  a secondary team for students in Years 6-12.  Secondary students also have the opportunity to choreograph and run their own lighting, visual screen and choreography in the performance.  


Prescott has participated in this festival for number of years and we have won several state awards for our entries and been nominated for the national prize.