Prescott College Southern has maintained a balance between educational innovation and effective traditional methods of teaching. Our curriculum includes:

  • The Arts:
    Movement to Music
  • Christian Faith Development
  • Health and Personal Development
    Physical Fitness
  • Language
    Writing (including spelling)
    Reading & Viewing
    Speaking and Listening
  • Languages Other Than English
  • Mathematics 
  • Science
  • Society and Environment 
  • Technology

Further learning areas include:

Adaptive Education
An adaptive education program is offered to meet the requirements of students with specific needs.  This includes children in the gifted and talented range those with English as a second language and those who have a specific learning disability. Gifted and talented students are accelerated in their areas of strength, being placed at the appropriate level of ability in all subject areas.  Children are encouraged to be self-disciplined and opportunity is provided for them to work independently and take responsibility for personal achievement. English as Second Language students receive individual and group tuition to develop their language skills to the level of their overall ability. Students with Specific Learning Difficulties are integrated within the regular class, being given work at their own level of attainment.  Personal tutoring on an individual basis is also available for a limited time each week. A reading recovery tutor is employed within the school to provide support for children in the early years of school.

Instrumental and Voice Music Tuition
Private tuition (user pay basis) is currently offered in voice, guitar, piano, flute, clarinet, drums, violin, saxophone.

Choir and Concert Band
Prescott College Southern has both a junior and senior choir.  Participation in the choir is optional.  Children are not required to audition for either choir.
Children in Grades 4-7 have the opportunity to participate in the Junior School Heads Association Music Festival held annually.  A concert band meets once per week and children who are involved in learning an instrument are encourage to join.

The instruction in computer skills within the school creates new opportunities for enhancing student learning.  Children from Reception to Year 8 receive tuition in computing from a specialist computing teacher. In addition computing is integrated into classroom subjects.  Computers are located in specialist computing rooms and in all classrooms, their ready access enabling their use across the subject areas.

All children participate in Library instruction each week.  Children are taught how to use automated library and research skills.

Sporting professionals are regularly scheduled to provide instruction to the students in their area of expertise.  A comprehensive program is offered across the whole of the school.  The instruction at school provides student with exposure to a variety of sports. Children may then choose to further develop their skills in a specific area outside of school hours.
After School Sports Clinics operate on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons as part of the Active After Schools Program.  This is no cost to the students.  Two different activities are offered each term.

Prescott College Southern is a Christian school.  All children participate in a 5-minute worship period at the beginning of each day as well as a 15-20 minute Christian Faith Development lesson sometime throughout the day.  The principles of Christianity are taught through the stories of the Bible. Children attending the school come from a variety of Christian and non-Christian backgrounds. Personal beliefs of students are respected and the staff encourages an environment of acceptance of individuals as expoused by Christ when on this earth.