‘Music is a part of God’s universe’ ~ Cat Stevens

The High School music program is in its early stages, but it is exciting to see the developments and future possibilities as students become interested in learning instruments and participating in extra-curricular opportunities within the school. The introduction of the Zoe Thomas Foundation Incorporated music scholarships has also given students an opportunity to learn an instrument; they otherwise may not have been able to.

Classroom music in Years 7 & 8 has allowed students to explore and learn the basics of the keyboard, guitar and drums through various individual and group activities. They have used music software programs for notation and creative composition work. In Years 9 & 10 students further develop their understanding of the music elements and sound qualities through performance, composition, aural/ listening and theory work. They formed a class band and chose which instrument/s they wanted to perform on. The use of software programs continued throughout these year levels.

This year the Chapel Band has gone from strength to strength and has become an integral part of worship and chapel services each Wednesday held in the church. The talented and dedicated group of senior students who have led throughout the year have been a blessing to the school community and have inspired younger students to join in and follow in their footsteps as they complete their final year of schooling.

In its second year, The Arts Showcase was another great success combining the high school arts of Art, Drama and Music. Performances by the Middle School Vocal Group, The Performance Ensemble and the up and coming musicians of the Year 10 Music Class dominated the music section of the evening. variety of pieces from Party Rock Anthem to Somewhere Over the Rainbow was performed, and it really did show off the musical talents of a small but dedicated and multi-instrumentalist group of students.

Another highlight within the music department was our presenter for the African performance incursion. Students from Years 6 10 were able to learn about the music of another culture and have a turn at playing Djembe drums up on stage. A great time had by all!

A big thank you goes out to all the staff and students who have supported and been a part of the music program of 2016. Your time, talents and dedication have been highly appreciated. God Bless.

Mrs Linda Nakov Music Teacher