Extension and Enrichment

Prescott College Southern endeavours to ensure the needs of all students are met. The differentiation of the curriculum provides engaging learning opportunities and enables all students, in all year levels, the opportunity to excel.

The addition of an Extension Program is designed to identify and further extend high potential and gifted learners. The program promotes academic rigour and intellectual challenge in Mathematics and English within a small group of like-minded peers.

The inclusion of an Enrichment Program celebrates the talents and in depth interest that students have in Science and Technology and The Arts. Students can further develop their skills and knowledge in small group learning opportunities.

Selection Process

Extension is provided in Mathematics and English in Years 3-6.  Annual standardized test results combined with classroom assessments and recommendations from The Teaching and Learning Coordinator determine a student’s suitability for academic extension.

Students must demonstrate achievement of two years above their chronological age in at least one English assessment (reading, spelling, language conventions) and attain 12 months above in all other English assessments.  Priority placement is given to students who are achieving at two years above in all English assessments.

Students must demonstrate achievement of at least 12 months above their chronological age. Priority placement is given to students who attain achievement of two years above their chronological age.

Enrichment Programs are offered in Junior Primary for students in Years 1 and 2. There are two units of work offered each Term. These include one unit in Science and Technology and one in The Arts.

The Enrichment Teacher will discuss students’ strengths and areas of talent with class teachers. Students who exhibit keen interest and talent in the unit being offered are given priority. Parents and families are also encouraged to nominate their child for specific learning opportunities.

As the Enrichment program requires students to be withdrawn from their regular class, the class teacher also screens the students for behavioural or education needs that may require the student to stay with their normal learning programs.

A record of the students identified and the units they attend is kept to ensure that the programs are provided fairly across classes and individuals.

Units of work generally occur over a period of one Term.

Extra-Curricular Enrichment

Additional Enrichment opportunities are provided during lunch-times and after school that students may register to participate in via enrolment forms provided to families either via the school website or upon request.

Opportunities include:

  • ICAS Competitions (English, Maths, Science, Digital Technologies, Writing)
  • Chess Club
  • Bible Study
  • Performing Arts (this may include specialist music lessons, school musicals, bands, ensembles and choirs, and Wakakirri)
  • Sport (this may include after-school sports, interschool sports)