Duration of Course

Whole Year

Course Overview

English in Year 10 is intended to build the skills required for students to complete SACE Stage 1 English in Year 11. The course focuses on building essay writing skills, as well as looking at how texts are constructed and exploring authorial intent.

The course is designed to create increasing awareness of different kinds of texts. Students will be challenged to interpret increasingly complex meanings, produce longer texts, interpret and produce different text types in a wider range of contexts, and critically analyse the relationship between the purpose of a text, its intended audience and how it has been constructed. They will read a wide range of classic and contemporary literature, as well as media and everyday texts and will be required to respond in a variety of forms and styles.


Year 10 English is the foundation for all Senior Secondary English Courses. Students will be assessed on their standard of work in Year 10 and then directed to appropriate Year 11 pathways according to their strengths in English.