Academic Curriculum

The Curriculum has been prepared to acquaint students and parents with the Year 10 subjects available for study at Prescott College Southern. It is also available on the college website: and on SEQTA coneqt.


Prescott College Southern aims to offer a broad curriculum for its students with a range of subjects offered to cater for a varied cohort of students. The Year 10 curriculum prepares students for the South Australian Certificate of Education – also known as the SACE. Students will study a variety of subjects over the next three years as they prepare for the world after school – which will involve university, TAFE or other types of training, career, and community life and work.

As the year progresses, Year 10 students will be encouraged to make carefully considered course choices for Year 11 and 12. The counselling process for students begins with the Personal Learning Plan in Year 10 and continues with the support of administrative staff and teachers. In addition, we strongly encourage parent involvement in the counselling process.

We make every effort to accommodate the subject choices of each student; however, it must be noted that:

  • subject pre-requisites must be met in some courses
  • a subject class will only run if there are sufficient students to make it viable
  • some subjects may be taught at the same time in the timetable and therefore, in a small number of cases, the choice of subjects may be


The subjects offered and some course details may change as we become aware of particular student needs, or as we are notified of changes by outside curriculum agencies (e.g. the SACE Board).

We hope that the information in this handbook will help students make informed choices concerning their study pathways at Prescott College Southern.